(Please note that non-existing accounts will be created and properly set up)

  • Facebook Page Management
  • Facebook Account Management (Personal)
  • Twitter Account Management
  • YouTube Account Management
  • Google + Account Management
  • LinkedIn Account Management
  • Pinterest Account Management
  • Instagram Account Management
  • Tumblr Account Management


(We offer an all-inclusive Search Engine Optimization service to help you outrank your competition!)

On-Page SEO


    Creation of high quality and optimized content will be done, to captivate your target audience PLUS to ensure it ranks well in the various search engines.


    Optimization will be done to ensure 1) Your site loads faster, 2) Acceptable CTR and 3) Bounce rate reduction.


    Periodic back-ups of your site will be done and security tightened, to keep it protected from hackers, spammers, viruses etc.



    A buffer site will be built and tiered backlinks will be safely built to it, to ensure your site ranks well and safely in the various search engines.


    Social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Diigo, Dig, Folkd, Reddit, etc.,will be generated to ensure your site has a diverse and strong link profile.


    Your high quality content will be distributed to various article directories and blog networks, with links pointing back to your blog. This will increase your backlink power.


    Your tailor-made Press Release will be syndicated to various Media Outlets, News Desks of major newspapers (E.g New York Times, Washington Times…etc.), Authoritative Sites (E.g Google News, Yahoo News…etc.), News Archive Systems (E.g. Factiva) and Content Discovery Networks (E.g OutBrain) A Distribution Report will be sent to you.


(We shall help you Profile your ideal customers and Target them in our marketing, so that you can Profit from doing business with them)


    Professionally looking and high-converting landing and squeeze pages will be created, to help grow your customer email database.

    We shall also assist with mailing of promotions, special offers, discounts, your business related news etc.

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo PPC Marketing

    Your Ads will be published on the three MAJOR search engines on the planet i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Generated leads will be sent to professionally looking landing pages, squeeze pages…etc.


    Your created content shall be syndicated and promoted in Facebook e.g. blog content, pictures, promotions, special offers…etc.

    Facebook Advertising will also be done to help your brand reach a wider audience PLUS to increase your profits.

  • Twitter Marketing

    Your created content shall be syndicated and promoted in Twitter e.g. blog content, pictures, promotions, special offers…etc.

    Twitter Advertising will also be done to help your brand reach a wider audience PLUS to increase your profits.


    YouTube marketing and advertising will be done, to get your brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible!

    Please note that a professional high-converting video will be created for your brand (If none exists or if you want us to create a high-converting video for you).


    We shall use Pinterest to help drive traffic to your business website.


    We shall harness the power of LinkedIn to help grow your business connections PLUS customer base.


    We shall drive traffic to your business website from Instagram.


We'll use various online tools to monitor what others are saying about your business in real time and act accordingly.

What Others Have To Say...

Mark Bonner"I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy life to thank you for your ‘beyond the call of duty’ professional support this past summer.

I have never experienced such excellent professional support, combined with an integrity rarely seen in today’s world.

When I consider the “ground zero” knowledge base I had when I first was recommended to you, it even further made me want to take this time to extend my gratitude for your boundless patience in guiding me through some very time sensitive projects.

Your mentoring has more than equipped with the confidence, and knowledge, to realize my ambition of future success in my pursuit of career independence. I can never repay you, but if I can ever help you by recommending your exceptional professional services, it would be my professional honor to do so.

However, make sure you save a little of your valuable time for me."

Mark Bonner- CEO, Conservative Social Media Alliance

Michael Cesena"These guys are very professional with the social media services they provide.

I have gotten to know Brian(the founder of Smart Profits Hub) quite well and can thoroughly vouch for his character and abilities.

He always takes the initiative to make sure his work was done exceptionally well. His relentless motivation and knowledge of social media brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the social media arena.

I know he would be an excellent fit for any organization looking for his services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thanks Brian for all the hard work you provided for us."

Michael Cesena- CEO, Social Media Pros Los Angeles

Don Shan

"Brian has been great to work with. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to marketing online.

He suggested several tweaks to be made to my social media strategies and that has resulted in more engagement with my target market and more revenue for my business.

If you are looking for SEO or Social Media Management, Brian is the go-to guy."

Don Shan- Network Marketing Coach

Coach David Lubin"Another amazing job, Thank you Brian!

This guy goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I recommend him 10,000%. This is someone you can trust to do your marketing right!

Thanks again & God Bless!"

David Lubin- Entrepreneur/Coach

Brian Wilson- Entrepreneur

Jeff McGeary-Network Marketer/Network Marketing Coach
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